Sustainable Moving Supplies

At Public Storage, we not only want to be a good partner to all the communities we do business in, but we also want to be a good partner to the environment. Since 2009, all our paper and cardboard moving supplies have contained 100% recycled content, and for any of our other moving supplies we always make the Recycled Choice whenever possible. Since 2014, we saved 80 million gallons of water, 194,049 trees, and prevented 37,668 cubic yards of waste from going to landfills – and that was just from our use of recycled paper alone!

We offer quality moving supplies and packing supplies such as boxes, wrapping paper for storage, bubble wrap, furniture covers, mattress bags, tape and more. When you buy moving supplies and merchandise made of recycled content from Public Storage you’re not only getting the best quality available, you’re making the best choice.